Good Working Relationships are Pivotal
“The working relationships I develop with my landlords, tenants and contractors are pivotal to the professional service I believe our clients deserve.”

Toni Graham starts every new management by asking the owners what they expect from their Property Manager and from tenants. She does an inspection as part of setting up the management and talks through any maintenance that needs attending to, especially where Health and Safety is concerned. She believes this initial honest discussion is the key to successful management.

Prior to her property management career, Toni worked as a Corrections Officer for nine years. “This taught me the importance of being able to listen and problem solve to create a happy outcome for all involved.” She is also a landlord herself so understands personally the issues involved.

Toni is an excellent multi tasker having managed up to 250 properties. However, she finds Eves smaller portfolios lead to more efficiency, effectiveness and happier landlords and tenants. She appreciates the resources and support Eves provide in keeping landlords safe around all the current industry changes, including Health and Safety, amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 and the implementation of the Healthy Homes Standards and compliance required in rental homes. “Eves offer ongoing internal training and outsource experts to keep us current with the industry and legislation.”

Local knowledge is definitely an asset to Toni who manages properties all over Hamilton. Despite her busy schedule she values a good balance between work and family life. She belongs to The Litas, Hamilton, a motor cycle group for ladies, and blows out any cobwebs on her weekend rides.

Landlords can be confident that a good honest working relationship with Toni Graham will exceed their property management expectations.