Landlord Information

Why do so many landlords choose EVES?

Because we take the hassle away and we know the market!

The benefit of our long experience has proven invaluable to our landlords.

With over 3,400 properties under management, we are able to advise on current rental for your property type and area.

Recommending rates to give you the best return on your investment as well as minimising vacancies.

Presenting your property to the market

Your property will be advertised on at least three prominent websites together with our daily office lists and office window displays.

Tenant selection

As it can be time-consuming and difficult (with many potential pitfalls), a number of landlords prefer to have their tenant selection professionally performed by a third party.

Our tenant selection process includes safeguards, reference checks and credit references. All tenants must meet EVES Rentals criteria to be eligible for a rental property.

Once a suitable tenant has been selected:

  1. Tenancy agreements are prepared and signed
  2. A Conditional Report is signed
  3. An itinerary of chattels/furniture is completed
  4. A full inspection of the property is completed every three to four months followed by a short report to the landlord.
  5. Any property that is not kept to the required standard by the tenant, is followed up and reinspected.