Tiffany values your asset and values the tenants who help support it.
A 20-year involvement in the property industry and ownership of rentals herself has cemented Tiffany’s commitment to protect the values of the properties she manages. In selecting the right tenants and respecting that the rental is their home, she also ensures they value the property they rent.

Tiffany owns six rental properties and manages approximately 90 in her role as an Eves Property Manager. Eves’ longevity, structured approach and experience in the local market aligns with her professional standards. “Belonging to the Eves team means I benefit from internal training with outsourced experts as well as the pool of knowledge from having very experienced property managers as colleagues.”
Banking background instils importance of investment protection.

Tiffany’s banking background, including mortgage and investment structuring, has given her an appreciation of the importance of protecting and maintaining landlords’ property investments.

“I understand the asset that I am entrusted to look after. I maintain its value and mitigate any risk. I believe communication with my clients, both landlords and tenants, is pivotal to delivering a great service. Having a small portfolio of my own rental properties means I have personally experienced and dealt with, many issues that may arise professionally.”

Taking an active part in the community.
Tiffany takes pride in her community. She is on the board of trustees at the local rest home and hospital and is President of the local Rotary Club. “Through Rotary I am able to give back to the community I love.”

She and her husband have three high school age children. “Having a dynamic career which presents new challenges daily and dashing after three teenagers keeps me active.”