That Maggie Crownshaw has regularly achieved the top property manager in a company with over 25 managers speaks volumes for the way she always 'goes the extra mile' in seeking a successful outcome for her landlords and tenants.

"I seldom let the sun go down on a task," she says of the organized, focused attitude which often sees her working long hours to avoid unfinished business.

Maggie has been one of Eves' most consistently successful property managers since she took on the role in 2001. "I am very people orientated so working in a service industry suits my personality and my love of making people happy." Maggie also appreciates the strong team she works with ("Between us we have over a century of experience") and the extensive company resources and support they have access to.

As one of Tauranga's few 'born and bred' locals Maggie knows the city inside out. Her association with Eves goes back many years; one of the directors babysat for her parents when she was little! It seemed a natural fit to work for Eves. "I was introduced to property management when a salesperson for Eves and saw an opportunity to contribute in one of the largest property management divisions in Tauranga."

Maggie has owned her own properties since early in her working life. She currently manages some 160 rentals, applying all she has learnt over many years in the business. "My knowledge and experience is a real asset to both tenants and landlords."

Maggie's hard work has put her in the position to focus on managing mid to high end rentals, the emphasis always on delivering maximum return for landlords, maximum satisfaction for tenants.

Outside the demands of her profession Maggie puts her focus firmly on her family and her fitness, important to ensure she leads a healthy well rounded life.